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  • General Procedures For Toilet Seats OEM Project

    General Procedures For Toilet Seats OEM Project

    163 existing models for FREE Selection. Or start your customized design Now! General procedures for toilet seats OEM project: 1. Information 1 day for sample, drawing or just ideas. 2. Design 2 days 3. Prototype 3 days for checking on profile. 4. Tooling 30 days 5. Product Final product available Starting from an idea to a perfect toilet seat only takes less than 40 days.

  • Beewill obtained the ISO9001 2015 certification

    Beewill obtained the ISO9001 2015 certification

    We are proud to announce that we have successfully passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification through SGS external audit. In order to standardize our internal management and improve our production efficiency and the quality of product and service, we started the preparatory work for ISO certification on May 1, 2016. During that period, we expanded our teamwork spirit to prepare for the certification. Besides the broadcast and guidance of the ISO management consciousness, we collected and adjusted all connected files and documents, and prepared more training for our team members to make our company more and more professional and standardized. The ISO certification is important evidence that our management and quality is in line with international standards, which is also a strong guarantee for our stable and healthy development. To continually provide our customers with quality products of high expectation and satisfaction, we will further optimize and standardize our management system, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the system operation.

  • The New Mailing To Beewill Sanitary

    The New Mailing To Beewill Sanitary

    We have moved our office to a new location, as the previous office will be removed due to the construction of subway. The new office is well running now, and is still close to the previous one. Please make sure all future mailings and parcels will be sent to our new office address as follows: Xiamen Beewill Sanitary Co., Ltd. Unit 3L-3N Building C1, Huamei Cultural & Creative Park, No. 132 Huachang Road, Huli District, Xiamen, 361006, China Phone numbers remain the same. Welcome to our new mailing.

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