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Beewill Green Ribbon campaign

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Beewill Green Ribbon campaign

  • 2019-08-20

Since 2013, Beewill has started a charity campaign called "Green Ribbon ", which is donated winter clothes and stationery to Sichuan Tibetan Area. 

Lots of Beewill employees support this good cause and formed a Green Ribbon Care Team. Each year, members of the Beewill Green Ribbon Care Team,  clean out their own closets, taking  family's unused winter clothing, winter shoes, gloves, bedding and books Stationery and so on to collate, collect to the company, unified collation package, sent to Sichuan Tibetan area.

Since the launch of the  "Green Ribbon " campaign, everyone has been very enthusiastic. In addition to donating clothes, etc., actively registering as a Care Team member, sorting the donated goods, entering the box, and carrying it to donating. It is a contribution to the meaningful activities.

We are all ordinary people and have no ability to eliminate their poverty. However, we can bring together the meager strength, give them some help, and extend our help to let the poor areas feel the warmth of love. 

What's fulfilling is being happy and being able to help other people. The simple things. 

Streams join to form rivers, little kindness join to form big love. 

We believe that love and kindness will surely convergence more power and warm more people. 

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