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A Marketing Sharing-Experience Meeting Was Held By Beewill

  • 2018-06-07 09:20:30

The fifth [Tongji Hui Private School Learning Conference] "Marketing" theme sharing meeting was successfully held by Beewill on May 26th, 2018. This meeting included 7 companies, we had discussions of each company’s marketing experience and perplexities.

As the organizer of the sharing meeting, Beewill business manager fairy was the first one who shared the detail business process of toilet seat overseas marketing, the considerate customer service process and the professional sales funnel analysis was highly praised by meeting members.

At last, Beewill won the first place in this marketing sharing-experience meeting.

This meeting provides a good opportunity for each company to communicate with each other, it also a platform to learn the practical marketing organization skills.

Theory will embody its value only when applying to the practice. We will combine with the meeting concept with actual situation to make specific action plans and implement the plans in every step of the work.