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Beewill Comfort Plus toilet seat- Increase 7 cm, increase the feeling of sitting

  • 2020-02-24 12:14:56

Tall People with long legs prefer a higher sitting position, especially for the senior ones.

5 cm higher has been very welcome, now coming with even higher! 7cm increase is really noticeable. Beewill Comfort Plus offers a noble look, comfortable toilet seat shape leaves nothing to be desired.


  • Increase 7 cm, increase the feeling of sitting. The raised toilet seat that you will sit more comfortably and getting up much easier, spare the knees. Especially for people who are a bit restricted in the movement that is a gain in quality of life.


  • The seat is rock solid and the special design hinge offers you extra strength and security.


  • Slow close ensures no slamming, no more loud popping and no wobbling.


  • Duroplast material gives a high-class feeling. It is easy to care for due to its smooth surface. Workmanship and value of the material make a good impression and promise long service life.