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Chinese Spring Festival holiday approaches: Impressive New Year custom

  • 2020-08-17 18:22:56

Chinese New Year 2019 falls on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, beginning a year of the Pig.

China's public holiday will start on February 4, 2019. It is only last about 2 months.

For all the traditional Chinese festivals, the new Year was perhaps the most elaborate, colorful, and important. Every year, when the Spring Festival comes, Chinese people will come back to their hometown as much as possible and spend the day together. It is such a great moment that this day let people stay together no matter how busy and how far they are.

Like all Chinese festivals, the date of the New Year is determined by the lunar calendar rather than the Western calendar. It is not only a festival, but also an important carrier for the release of Chinese emotions and psychological appeals. It is the annual carnival and eternal spiritual pillar of the Chinese nation.

Chinese New Year custom

  • Dust sweep

"Twenty-fourth of the twelfth lunar month, sweeping the house with dust," according to the "Lv's Spring and Autumn", China has a custom of sweeping the dust during the Spring Festival. According to the folk saying: Because of the homonym of "dust" and "Chen", the New Year sweeps the dust with the meaning: sweep all the poor and suffocating out of the door. There is a atmosphere full of joy, clean and welcome the new year.

When Spring Festival is coming, every household must clean the environment, clean all kinds of utensils, remove and wash the curtains of the bedding, sweep the courtyard, smash the dusty.

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  • Spring Couplets

The custom of the Spring Festival couplets began about a thousand years ago, which is evidenced by history. It depicts the background of the times with neat, dual, concise and exquisite words, and expresses a good wish.

  • Family Reunion Dinner

The annual Family Reunion Dinner is the highlight of the Chinese traditional Spring Festival. It is the most important family banquet.

So on the night of New Year's Eve, no matter how far apart, how busy work, people always want to go back to their homes and eat a Family Reunion Dinner.

Sometimes when they can't go home, the family always keeps a seat for him, leaving a pair of dishes to express reunion with him.

This New Year's Eve is also called "Family Carnival", which is a family banquet that people attach great importance to.

  • Red Envelopes (Lucky Money)

In the old days, the juniors should give the elders a year to celebrate the longevity of the elders, and the elders should give the juniors a red envelope.

The Red Envelopes is a custom in the New Year. It is a good wish. It is believed to bring good luck, as red is China's lucky color, so it's called lucky money.

  • Stay up late

New Year's Eve is one of the most important annual activities, and the custom of keeping the age has been around for a long time. Everyone stays up all night, waiting for the dawn, praised "Shou Sui”.

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