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Duroplast Toilet Seat with Wood Veneer Classical | Glossy | Sratch-free | Long-lasting

  • 2017-07-11 17:38:34

You can make a difference, because you are unique. So does your private relaxed area.

It can be simple and neat, maybe you need to add some classic elements. A Wood Toilet Seat is perfectly to decorate your bathroom.

However, traditional solid wood seat is uneconomical, while MDF seat can’t last long. As we know, wood products are sensitive to water damage, so neither of them can be well cleaned with water, let alone being used in humid environment for a long time. With the touch of water, solid wood will crack after some time, and veneer products will bubble on the top and the wood veneer may peel off. If that happen, the whole seat has to be replaced.

To solve the problems, Beewill offers the solution for unique you——a cost-efficient and long-lasting Urea Toilet Seat With Wood Veneer. Combining the concept of Comfort, Culture and Classic, Beewill creates a perfect toileting feeling for you.

With Beewill Technology, we make the Urea Economic Toilet Seat in wood finish by applying a sheet of wood on the top. It is not only classical, but also glossy and scratch-free, which can last long. While enjoying the classic feeling when toileting, you can remain the eternal wood and never fade. With Beewill quick release and soft close hinges, you deserve a neat and quiet bathroom with classic and luxury.