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Fun&Creative Team Building | Weekends Gathering at CoffeeHouse

  • 2018-06-28 19:45:21

June. 24th, 2018, Beewill sales team gathered at beautiful coffee shop, and spent wonderful weekends together.

On Saturday morning, delicious and fresh fruit was waiting for us.

(Thanks to the preparation from GM Lily)

After everyone's arrival, the meeting began!

Soft close toilet seat hinge sales team

We are all expecting to this meeting with curious which hold by sales manager Fairy.

Before the games, everyone sit a circle to watched the PPT, when the PPT shows theme “Product marketing seminar”. We though it is a meeting of work issue. But actually, no! The riddle is finally brought to light.  It is a meeting of the product: yourself. This turned into fun when everyone realized the situation was actually funny and relaxing.

In real conversations, we developed of trust within the team where each member can share opinions, admit weaknesses and are allowed to show vulnerability by asking for help.

We have facilitated reflection, awareness, and dialogue among each other.

We spent a whole day untill the midnight, we cheerfully chatted and laughed, shared and talked about common expectations we have of each other,  and to give each other feedback about strengths and challenges and how these can complement each other.

After the games, we became closer and closer and got deeper friendship. It also help us build confidence and trust in our colleagues, which is vital for the success of the team.

Like the GM Lily said: Together we can work with heart and soul till midnight, and can also talk about heart and soul till midnight. We are such a team, Beewill.