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Introducing the newest bathroom technology - 3D printing

  • 2019-09-02 18:03:49

In recent years, 3d printing technology has been paid attention to because it can greatly shorten the production time and change the existing production system.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with 3D printing. Printing robots, printing medical supplies, and people printing bathrooms, faucets, toilets... ...For the bathroom industry, KOHLER announced that the next few years will focus on the development of 3D printing and smart home two modules, American standard, and other European and American brands will take 3d printing into the production line planning. The American Standard, Kohler, Grohe have been released a 3D printed faucet.

DXV 3D printing faucet

International bathroom brands take advantage of 3D printing

according to relative data: The Global 3D printing industry grew by 17.4% in 2016, with a total output value of $6.063 billion and Global 3D printing industry revenue expected to exceed $10 billion in 2018. International sanitary ware brands are generally optimistic about the 3D printing. American standard, Grohe, Sandhelden and other brands have launched a number of bathroom products.

Indian 3D printing toilet

The Advantages of 3D Printing bathroom technology

(1) For A multi-product Line Company, it is always beneficial to try important new technologies. 3d Printing has the advantages of productivity and high design reduction.

(2) The application of digital 3D printing technology will help improve the efficiency of research and development, help them to establish a more integrated workflow, and provide consumers with higher quality sanitary equipment solutions. What can not be done in traditional manufacturing, can be done with 3D printing, and can increase the rate of product innovation by about 20% . If you use the traditional method, you need to make a mold first, if you print it in 3D, you can print it out and test it. For example, the traditional methods take six months to produce a test product, while 3D printing takes a month to produce.

(3) 3d Printing will greatly reduce the inventory pressure , which caused by mass production of personalized products, it created new areas for design and construction.

The Disadvantages of 3D Printing bathroom technology

(1) The cost of manufacturing is expensive

High-end bathroom brand launched bathroom products, 3d printing materials are more expensive, for example, the Sandhelden's custom wash basin range, which uses 3D printing, costs between 1,129 and 1,599 euro.

(2) Less material selectivity

At present, the raw materials used in 3d printing are metal, ceramic, plastic, sand, etc., which have high requirements on printing technology. Moreover, consumers have strict requirements on the materials and aesthetics of the products. Compared with faucets, toilets, squatting pans and other products, the printing effect is more difficult to satisfy. Currently, the market has not found suitable materials.

For example, the surface of Bath tub, toilet should be smooth and level, but 3d printing is a process in which the raw material is repeated over and over again, layer by layer, and where the layers intersect, there is a texture.

As a new technology, 3D printing will definitely enter into intelligent production line in the future. In the next few years, is 3D printing technology expected to become the focus of competition among the major bathroom brands? We'll see.

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