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Slow Close Toilet Seat Advantages

  • 2020-08-17 18:23:51

We use the bathroom for about 25 minutes a day, so according to the age of 100, the time we spend in our bathroom is


Days x25

Minutes = 912,500

Minutes = 15208

Hour = 634


20 months or so...

Therefore, we spend about 3 years in the bathroom for our whole life.

Is it surprising that this is calculated? How can we stay that long, the place that doesn't seem to be so elegant? But it is true. So, will you ignore the details of life? Will you still ignore those people who have life wisdom around you?

slow close toilet seat

In the past few years, the slow close toilet seat represents a creative invention in the sanitary industry and has become a popular trend. Once you have tried slow close toilet seats, you will love it.

Below are some advantages of the slow close bathroom toilet seat. It is a really good product, you should have known much earlier.

bathroom toilet seat

1.      Reduce the noise of the disturbing "bang"

As we all know, the traditional toilet seat, if you accidentally or close too hard, there will be a shocking "bang" noise. It’s heartbreaking. Especially if there are children in the house, closing the toilet lid tends to lose control. Also be careful that the child's fingers will be picked up. The slow close toilet seat, only a slight push, the toilet lid will slowly fall by itself until it is placed on the toilet. There will be no more disturbing noise.

Especially in the late night, if the family gets up to the toilet, there is no need to worry about the sound of the toilet lid. This is perfect for families with children or the elderly. Slow down the toilet lid gives you a quiet sleeping environment.

2.     Improve the life of the toilet bowl

In addition to the unpleasant noise generated by the traditional toilet seat, if the toilet lid is often closed with a large force, it is not buffered, which causes great damage to the toilet. Once the toilet bursts, it is difficult to repair and needs to be replaced. As we know, the toilet bowl can be very expensive, so when choosing a toilet seat, remember to consider the health of the toilet before making a decision.

3.     Resistant to antistatic, dust repellent

Beewill slow close and quick release toilet seat are made of duroplast material.

This makes the toilet seat resistant to the common chemical cleaners which makes them easy to clean. They are glossy and shall not turn the unseemly yellow shade even after years of use.

This means they don't need to be cleaned often. And the quick release function allows you to quickly remove the toilet lid and clean it without leaving a dead corner. Traditional seats should be cleaned once a week, and you can wash the soft close and quick release toilet seat once in half a month. Therefore, if you are already in housework, the duroplast soft close toilet seat can provide you with some housekeeping convenience.

4.     The assembly is very simple

The toilet seat can be mounted very well and easily. Even for a layman, no problem and done in a short time.

quick release toilet seat