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The smart toilet seat's consumption concept is undertaking great changes

  • 2020-08-17 18:22:42

A survey in the United States found that a person spends 35 minutes a day in the toilet on average. Playing mobile phones, reading newspapers, and reading magazines are all necessary for toilets. Many people like to think about life on the toilet. They are not willing to leave for a long time. The trend of quality consumption has become more apparent.

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At present, the smart toilet has the highest penetration rate. The best and most mature market is Japan. The market penetration rate has reached 90%, by South Korea, and the penetration rate has reached more than 50%.

So, what is a smart toilet seat? Let's give you a brief introduction, smart toilet refers to can be through the button panel or remote control device to achieve Rearwash, Ladywash, Automatic flush, Seat heating, Dryer and deodorizer, Auto open and closing, UV light desinfection and other diverse intelligent functions of the toilet seat.

According to different functional configurations, the smart toilet seats on the market are generally divided into three types: one is a smart toilet seat  with cleaning, heating, sterilization, and other intelligent sitting device, one is a smart toilet seat that can be automatic replacement the toilet cover, and the other is automatic replacement and cleaning function of intelligent toilet.

In recent years, smart toilet seats have just begun to be popular. But the world's first smart toilet seat was born in the United States in 1964. American Arnold Cohen spent two years developing his own pedal-controlled flushing and drying toilet seat for his sick father. And the smart toilet seat is patented.

Japan is a country that attaches great importance to the culture of toilets. Among the many gods they believe in, there is even a “toilet god” who specializes in toilets. In folk customs in some areas of Japan, the toilet god can help to give birth. If the housewife at home cleans the toilet very cleanly, the next generation of the family will be very smart and beautiful, and there are plenty of customs to pray for the toilet god. And the Japanese are extremely disgusted with the filth. It is evident from the fact that the Japanese like to bathe very much. In the Japanese culture, " filth" not only represents uncleanness, but also represents the near end of life and the cause of disaster.

Nowadays, the popularity of smart toilet seat in Japan has exceeded 80%. Most public toilets are equipped with intelligent toilet seat, except for the functions of washing, drying, and seat heating, which are well known, and some even posterior shower jets to perfume bursts and noise-masking audio effects for theeasily-embarrassed.

Such a development of the smart toilet industry has made the Japanese manufacturer's leading position in the smart toilet industry. And the late start of Chinese intelligent toilet seat manufacturers relative to Japan, it led to the phenomenon that China has rushed to buy smart toilet seats in Japan in the first two years.

Chinese people buying smart toilet seats in Japan, as many as half of them are made in China with domestic sales only accounting for less than 30 percent. It told us that "Made in China” must be upgraded to “innovated by China".

The foreign sanitary ware industry has developed for hundreds of years, and the chinese sanitary ware industry has only been for decades. Apart from the product quality gap, there is still a certain gap in popularization of the market.

It is only four or five years for the domestic market to really promote the smart toilet seat. At present, there are about 30 domestic manufacturers of intelligent toilet seats, mainly concentrated in the gathering areas of the three major sanitary industries in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian. The media’s concern may become a “tipping point” in the domestic smart toilet and smart bathroom market.

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