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What material is the toilet seat made of? Which toilet seat to buy?

  • 2020-08-17 18:24:03

In bathroom accessories, the frequency use of the toilet is quite high, and the toilet seat is a component on the toilet bowl. A good toilet depends on the quality of the toilet seat. If the toilet seat is broken, you have to give it a new one. So what kind of material is the toilet seat? What are the toilet seat materials? Let's take a look at it together.

china bathroom toilet seat

small soft close toilet seat

Nowadays, people's pursuit of quality of life is very high. A simple toilet seat is not limited to practical functions. People pay attention to its details.

Toilet cover material basic included the PP, wood(MDF, solid), bamboo, urea, stone, acrylic. There are many materials that can now be made into a toilet seat, each with its own characteristics.

1. PP toilet seat

The PolyproPylene toilet seat is the most common one, it is low in cost, affordable, and the style is also good. Such a material is not easily deformed, the weight is light, and it is convenient to use. However, the surface is soft and easy to scratch, and color may change in 2 or 3 years.

2. UF (Duroplast toilet seat

Urea material is very special in plastic. It is not a thermoplastic. It is a thermosetting plastic. It is an eco-friendly and durable material which gives a ceramic feel. It has high strength, resistant to scratches, chemicals, infections. Antistatic and dust repellent. It just ideal to make a high-end toilet seat. However, its disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to process and costly.

3. ABS toilet seat

ABS material features easy processing, good environmental protection, moderate strength, but scratch resistance is not as good as urea toilet seat.

The quality difficulty of the toilet seat product is mainly the appearance. The appearance quality of the toilet lid is very tormenting. Injection molding production of a lot of defects, including flow patterns, melting bad, black spots, dark, etc. are likely to appear. The high-end toilet seat is not allowed to appear 3*0.08mm black spots, so the production of high-end toilet seat and investment is very large, it raises the price.

Generally speaking, in the field of sanitary toilet cover, urea material is Top Grade, ABS second, pp and PVC bottom.

The above is the information about the material of the toilet seat. The function of the toilet cover is to protect the toilet seat. To make the whole toilet look harmonious and beautiful, the toilet seat with soft close damper is very important too. The next article will introduce you the knowledge of soft close toilet seat. For the toilet seat what the materials are good, you can choose according to your respective requirements.

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