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What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Toilet Seat Damper

  • 2020-08-17 18:23:35

What is the first reaction when you hear the toilet seat slow close damper? Do you feel a little strange?

But in fact, the use of slow close toilet seat is more and more popular in our daily life, providing great benefits and convenience for our lives. So, what is the damping of the toilet seat, and when did it develop and slowly prosper?

Today we will take a look at the damping of the toilet seat.

First, what is the damping? How does it work?

A damper made of damping is a very important component in hardware. The earliest use of damper was in aerospace, military and other industries, its main role is the shock absorption performance. And then the damper slowly applied to the construction, furniture hardware and other industries. Dampers have many types, such as pulsation dampers, magnetorheological dampers, rotary dampers, hydraulic dampers, etc. Different dampers may be in different forms, but the working principles are the same, all to reduce vibration Convert friction into internal energy and drive the entire system. So far, the toilet seat damper is usually hydraulic by using a kind of silicone gel.

For slow close toilet seat, by simply placing the damper in the hinge parts, it will allow the toilet cover and seat to slow down and reduce the risk of slamming. However, only when the cover weight is within the torque range and does not exceed the limits, the damper can effectively work. And a good damper lies in that it works for long life span and can always keep in good posture. Beewill damper can work for 100,000 cycles, which is equivalent to more than 10 years.

Second, when was the toilet seat damper invented and started to prosper?

According to the information currently found on the patent website, the earliest toilet seat slow-down device was invented by TANMACHI AKIRAKato Electricalin Japan, 1994. The patent name is OPENING AND CLOSING DEVICE FOR WESTERN STYLE TOILET COVER AND TOILET SEAT. To enable lightly opening a toilet cover and a toilet seat, and to prevent the rapid drop of the toilet cover and seat at the time of closing, by providing the cover and the seat with a one-way damper function having a valve. Then the TOTO owned the SOFT CLOSING DEVICE Patent in 1996. From now on, the slow close toilet seats develop gradually.

With more and more famous brands like TOTO, American Standard, etc, introducing slow close toilet seats, this product became more and more popular.

Finally, what is the trend of toilet seat damper?

Nowadays the daily devices become smaller and slimmer, like the laptops, and smart phones. Small and slim damper is also tending to be a trend for toilet seat, as it will make the toilet seat look slim and elegant. Slim toilet seats help to create a more beautiful and chic bathroom style. Beewill is proud to offer a 15 mm diameter damper since 2016, which has hit the bottom of industry limit, while no compromise is required on the durability, and can still work for 100,000 cycles.

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