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Duroplast Toilet Seat with Wood Veneer

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Duroplast Toilet Seat with Wood Veneer

Duroplast Toilet Seat with Wood Veneer

Classical | Glossy | Sratch-free | Long-lasting

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    Xiamen, China
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    Wood Printing
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    Xiamen Port
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    30 days
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  • Make a little change to your own bathroom with a stylish decorative toilet seat. If you like the classical style, you may apply a toilet lid with wood image. 
  • Traditional solid wood seats and veneer seats are easily damaged by water. To avoid soild wood cracking and veneer products bubbling and peering off for water damage.
  • Beewill offers you a new choice. A COST-EFFICIENT and LONGLASTING urea toilet seat with wood veneer is your best choice when decorating your unique bathroom.

Toilet Seat for Special Care

  1. High Gloss Techonology help your bathroom toilet seat look more luxurious and elegant with shining edges.
  2. Antibac Material will give you a clean and healthy bathroom environment. 
  3. Soft close hinge with 10,000 life circle ensures no disturbance to your loved ones.
  4. Take-off function with Click N Clean and Lift N Clean offers more convenience for toilet seat cleaning and maintenance.


Duroplast Toilet Seat with Wood Veneer


Any toilet covers can be decorated with a wood veneer


Duroplast, Urea, Thermoset, UF


Manual Polished


10 years for soft close, DIN19516 conformed


CE, ROHS certified

Hinge No.01 / Hinge No.17                                                                        

    Click N Clean: Soft Close & Quick Release (One Push Button)

    A Size: 155±20 mm

    B Size: 425±20 mm

    Fixing: Top & Bottom

Hinge No.06                                                                                                

    Click N Clean: Soft Close & Quick Release (Two Push Button)

    A Size: 175±20 mm

    B Size: 425±20 mm

    Fixing: Top & Bottom

Hinge No.07                                                                                                

    Tool-aided Easy Release (Metal Hinge Body)

    A Size: 170±20 mm

    B Size: 425±20 mm

    Fixing: Top & Bottom

Hinge No.02                                                                                                

    Tool-aided Easy Release (Plastic Hinge Body)

    A Size: 155±20 mm

    B Size: 425±20 mm

    Fixing: Top & Bottom

Hinge No.04                                                                                                

    Standard Stainless Steel Soft Close

    A Size: 150±20 mm

    B Size: 425±20 mm

    Fixing: Bottom

Hinge No.12                                                                                                

    Plastic Soft Close

    A Size: 165±10 mm

    B Size: 425±10 mm

    Fixing: Bottom

Hinge No.05                                                                                                

    Standard Stainless Steel Normal Close

    A Size: 175±20 mm

    B Size: 440±10 mm

    Fixing: Bottom

Hinge No.16                                                                                                

    Stainless Steel Normal Close

    A Size: 170±20 mm

    B Size: 450±30 mm

    Fixing: Top

Hinge No.33                                                                                                

    Lift N Clean: Soft Close & Quick Release

    A Size: 155±20 mm

    B Size: 430±20 mm

    Fixing: Top & Bottom


1 day


2 days

Product Specification

1 day


30 days


photos + inspection report


Xiamen Port

Product info

Only sample / drawing needed


2~3 days


4~5 days


30 days

Final sample

3 days


Dimensions of individual packaged:450x365x57mm


1pc/box, 5pcs/ctn, 2600pcs/20'GP


30-40 days

Universal shapes
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