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Exhibition Review Of The 126th Canton Fair: Be Innovative; Be Supportive

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Exhibition Review Of The 126th Canton Fair: Be Innovative; Be Supportive

  • 2020-06-30

2019 Canton Fair

The four-day 2019 autumn Canton Fair Phase 1 was held on Oct. 15-19. Many Chinese bathroom brands participated in the exhibition and share their bathroom technology and product with customers.

Be Innovative

At the Canton Fair, Beewill show a number of new products, from Care line product, adjustable comfort plus raise toilet seat, night light toilet seat, to the decor matte black toilet seat, and the Space Diamond R series of black color Glass Cabinet Cistern. The built-in technology, humanized experience and detailed design fully demonstrate to consumers the idea that Beewill expects to provide an quality life.

For the specialty toilet seat, Beewill’s creative urea heated toilet seat, we have been continued to get feedback from customers, continued to optimize, make the toilet seat adjustable more intimate, considerate customer experience, and strive to create a more intimate, comfortable toilet life. This winter, feel warm with our product!

For the care line toilet seat, the newly-launched toilet seat has more comfort for taller people, and added functions of adjustable height, giving consumers more comprehensive and meticulous care; Decor line such as matte black toilet seat, with advanced texture and colors, bring exquisite and fun to the bathroom space.

Be Supportive

Beewill stick to the concept of "Be innovative, be supportive".   To be a better back up to our partner. We strive to achieve more and provide customer with high-efficient and quick services. Only to meet customer’s need, and improve customer’s quality of life, can we improve our employee’s quality of life, and so can be a vigorous company. We integrate quality life, humanistic care and technology into product design and production. A complete Beewill bathroom product solution is constructed step by step.

Besides the innovative and well crafted products. Beewill also arranged the small gift for the friends who were present at the exhibition. So our customers can truly feel the unique charm and consideration brought by Beewill team.

Beewill's Canton Fair brought not only the improvement and advancement of product functions, but also the quality lifestyle that we pursue. Whether it is a unique exhibition design, carefully prepared gifts, or the whole team’s professional service, the theme of “Be Innovative, be supportive” was perfectly presented. We believe that Beewill, which has a industry experience of 19 years, will definitely bring more humanized, more temperature products to everyone, and will continue to work for people's quality life. Let every toilet seat from Beewill convey the care of the user!

Let’s stay tuned for more brilliant story from Beewill!