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BEEWILL History and Innovation

2010: Beewill was founded with the unique invention of one push button and damper of 100,000 life circles.

Starting from our own patented technologies, we are engaged in the persistence in seeking for up-to-date technologies in sanitary solution.

2011: Beewill had created various hinge opinions for customers’ different choices, easy and convenient for toilet seat installation and maintenance.

You can choose the hinges below:

Click N Clean: One/ Two Push Button Quick Release and Soft Close Hinge

A single press onto the button and remove it from the toilet. It’s also very easy to install and convenient for cleaning. Once you clean the ceramic and seat, just push the button on the hinge! No more blind corners.

Lift N Clean: with Soft Close Hinge

Open the seat to about 70°, then lift it up. You could easily remove the seat from the toilet. No tool is needed, you can release a toilet seat in one second! After cleaning, simply push the seat back on the hinge, one click and done!

And that is what beewill offers, giving you happy and neat experience in the bathroom!

There are also many other hinges with soft close and normal close, mental and plastic hinge base, etc. You can choose a hinge according to your personal habit and taste.

2012: Beewill created the Raised Toilet Seat, to offer more care and attention on the elderly and handicapped people.

Beewill Care Line range offers a variety of toilet seats that can satisfy your personal needs with extra height, or extra space, or extra hygien, etc. In short, with extra care for you from Beewill people. Ergonomically designs bring you with great comfort and convenience!

2013: Beewill introduced the Slim Toilet Seat and Décor Toilet Seat with images and colors.

Slim Line Toilet Seat

Simplicity has been an attitude, though life is complicated. Super slim design looks extremely simple but elegant and smart. It can be modern and classic, with any shape and style.

Décor Line Toilet Seat

A little change can make your bathroom look different and energetic. Any of your favorite color and images, can be made onto the surface of a toilet seat. It’s high gross and scratch free. The fashion can never fade away with your unique taste. Color your life, color your private area, color your bathroom, color your toilet with a colorful seat.

2014: Beewill had doubled our capacity.

With the high speed growth and expand, we increased the production area and relocated. What’s more, our factory was also certificated by BSCI. To expand our sales and production as well, we participated the exhibition MosBuild with our hot sale toilet seats.

2015: Beewill created the LED Toilet Seat to offer more care for people.

Sleepy eyes need more care from strong light! So does your love ones. If you can't avoid getting up in the midnight, you can avoid being offended by the ceiling light.

Beewill E-Light series offers you a variety of choices with LED light on different models and different directions. A little sound can light up your bathroom. It works with a sensor by sound and light.

2016: Beewill invented the 15mm soft close damper and DuraClean™ Technology. To boost our global market, we had our first show up at BIG 5 at Dubai.

Beewill 15mm damper had made the soft close toilet seat hit a new limit of being slim. It’s a proof of our innovation and high quality. In order to improve our production and decrease the human cost, we started to apply the Automation Production with our own technology.

2017: Beewill had realized the Automation Production, which can up promote the efficiency of production.

2018: Beewill developed the 18mm soft close damper. Beewill Information and Automation system was certified by third party auditor.

18 mm Soft Close damper, Load: 3 kgs, Life: 100,000 cycles
We focused on the integration of the Information systems include ERP, OA, Project management, etc.
Automation systems include automatic pressing, polishing, assembly, etc.
Under this structure, we find it improves our management a lot.

2019: Developed more new products

Flat Slim Seat
Adjustable Elevated Seat
Duroplast Heated Seat
Toilet seat with SS. chrome bar or LED light