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It Did What? 4 secrets About 2019 Hottest Color Trends

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It Did What? 4 secrets About 2019 Hottest Color Trends

  • 2019-03-20

Since 2000, Pantone has chosen an annual color in December every year.  The color is representing the Global Zeitgeist of the year and conveying consumer expectations and attitudes. Their selection has been recognized by the public, and has been widely applied to the home, graphic design and other fields. The annual color set the tone for the next year's design trend.

Living Coral is the 2019 Pantón color of the year.

The Living Coral color is between orange and coral

A coral tone with a gold background

Vivacious and graceful, elegant and comfortable

When asked why they chose this color, "Just as a coral reef is a sanctuary for marine life, a vibrant, rich, living coral color embraces us with its softness and warmth, " Pantone explains. Like coral reefs, they provide comfort in an impetuous, it provide comfort in our impetuous, fast-paced moment."

This is Their expectation in coming year.

And that's what most of us have in mind: Respect for nature.

This is a vibrant color that symbolizes our natural pursuit of optimism and pleasure, and invigorates modern life.

In the interior design, the coral color and other colors will form a strong contrast. How will the bold use of Living Coral in our homes and even our bathrooms change our lives?

After seeing so many Living coral color designs, do you like the 2019 home color? Which design appeals to you more?

The beginning of a Year of 2019,

Every major paint manufacturer and color forecaster Has also launched its own analysis of the color of the year

Let's have a look about it:

Classic Greens: Retro style, dark green

Always give people a low-key and calm feeling

Cavern Clay: Simple and free-spirited Bohemian

Clam Grays: Cool and stylish gray

Mid-tone Blues: The tolerance of blue to other colors is as broad as the sky or the sea.