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Mission and Vision

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means bee’s will,

which stands for diligence, team spirit, and making best product.

Our Mission

To promote modern bathroom concept, and improve quality of life.

Our Vision

To be an enterprise of the best customer satisfaction,the best employee satisfaction,and the most vigorous.

Our Core Values:

Integrity ; Independent ; Diligent ; Innovative ; Teamwork ; Happy

* Integrity comes the first, and is the most important, as it is the basic line of doing business and being a human.

* About independence, Beewill was started all with our own will and our own money. We have no big funder, and no debt from bank. Maybe this way we may grow slower, but can be steady.

* We do not want to rely on anybody else, but ourselves, and hope our employees can also rely on themselves both in their work and personal life, by working with diligence and innovation, by supporting each other in the team.

* Being independent does not mean you do not need teamwork, as everybody has his limit. Only when you are part of a team, you can be really independent. And in the end, you can work happily, and can live a happy life.