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  • Beewill to Exhibit New Products at Canton Fair 2019 Autumn

    Beewill to Exhibit New Products at Canton Fair 2019 Autumn

    Canton Fair(China Import and Export Fair) is the largest trade fair with the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover held in Guangzhou China. More than 25,000 exhibitors, about 200,000 buyers will attend the fair. Canton Fair Phase 1, focuses on electrical and electronic products, vehicles, building materials, and industrial, chemical products. Most of China's latest high-tech products are in the first phase of the Canton Fair. It will be held in China Import and Export Fair Complex. This time, Beewill will exhibit the latest duroplast toilet seat and PP toilet seat, and our new product line Glass Cabinet Cistern. Be innovative, be supportive, it is our theme. To find a professional partner on toilet seats, Beewill is the right one for you! Exhibition overview Exhibition name: The 126th Canton Fair Period: Oct. 15-19, 2019. 9:30-18:00 Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex(No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China) Beewill booth: Hall 10.1 Booth L13 Major Exhibits Urea heated toilet seat Urea Led Toilet Seat With Sensor Of Light And Sound Duroplast D Shape Slim Soft Close Matte Toilet Seat Flat Slim Unique Sandwich Design Urea Toilet Seat Flip Up Seat are for commercial and public toilets. For more products, welcome to our booth and explore what is new!

  • Beewill Green Ribbon campaign

    Beewill Green Ribbon campaign

    Since 2013, Beewill has started a charity campaign called "Green Ribbon ", which is donated winter clothes and stationery to Sichuan Tibetan Area.  Lots of Beewill employees support this good cause and formed a Green Ribbon Care Team. Each year, members of the Beewill Green Ribbon Care Team,  clean out their own closets, taking  family's unused winter clothing, winter shoes, gloves, bedding and books Stationery and so on to collate, collect to the company, unified collation package, sent to Sichuan Tibetan area. Since the launch of the  "Green Ribbon " campaign, everyone has been very enthusiastic. In addition to donating clothes, etc., actively registering as a Care Team member, sorting the donated goods, entering the box, and carrying it to donating. It is a contribution to the meaningful activities. We are all ordinary people and have no ability to eliminate their poverty. However, we can bring together the meager strength, give them some help, and extend our help to let the poor areas feel the warmth of love.  What's fulfilling is being happy and being able to help other people. The simple things.  Streams join to form rivers, little kindness join to form big love.  We believe that love and kindness will surely convergence more power and warm more people.  Your Professional professional partner on toilet seats 

  • Italy replace old sanitary ware save 1 billion euros! Many Countries are taking active steps to save water

    Italy replace old sanitary ware save 1 billion euros! Many Countries are taking active steps to save water

    The European Union ranked Italy first in water use, with a leak rate of 47.9 percent It can save 4 billion water per year, and China actively implements the water efficiency label for toilets. According to the data of 2015, the per capita water resources in China is only 28% of the world average. In normal years, the annual water shortage in the country is more than 50 billion cubic meters. Nearly two-thirds of the cities have water shortages in different degrees. Up to 190,000 square kilometers, the water function zone compliance rate is only 42%. On January 26,2018, China published the catalogue of Products With Water Efficiency Marks (first batch) and the rules for the implementation of water efficiency marks on toilet seats. The rules require toilet products sold in the mainland to be labeled with water efficiency if they are manufactured or imported as of August 1,2018. Up to now, there are 1,632 enterprises, nearly 25,000 models and 90 toilet registration laboratories (including their own and third parties) . It is reported that the successful implementation of water efficiency labels can save 4 billion RMB, 800 million cubic meters of water each year. The joint efforts of sanitary ware industry and consumers will make great contribution to form a new pattern of coordinated development of Water Resources Utilization. Mexico Through the improvement of legislation, the Mexican government has gradually established a unified water resources management system and a state-level decentralized management organization. All water, water and drainage units and individuals must obtain a permit issued by the National Water Commission. United Kingdom The UK Environment Agency has launched a program called Water Demand Management, which provides free water saving information to the public at regular intervals. “To save water, you must first know how much water is used” is a water-saving slogan often mentioned by the UK Environment Agency. According to the data, households consume 30% of British water resources, so each family has a vital role in saving water. (News source: kitchen and bathroom information)

  • Beewill's first show of KBC2019 was successfully held in Shanghai

    Beewill's first show of KBC2019 was successfully held in Shanghai

    1  trade show, 15+  modified design drawings, 20   new products, 400 days and nights preparation, 1000 kilometers, and we had the Privilege to meet you at 24th Edition of Kitchen & Bath China 2019. Kitchen & Bath China is the largest and most important international trade show for kitchen, bathroom, sanitary ware in Asia. It is a perfect opportunity to establish direct business contacts between producers and exporters from China and businesses in European countries. We've concluded our 4-day exhibition at Kitchen & Bath China 2019 (KBC 2019) last month. Catch our event highlights here! Based on the company culture, the booth design uses a simple industrial style, a harmonious hexagonal element, and a simple gray and white color, reflecting the beewill's diligence, reliability and pursuit of perfection! The hexagonal display stand showed new product that attracted many customers at home and abroad to visit and consult. Innovation and support, continuous upgrade product line This time, we show our very first Space Diamond Glass Cabinet Cistern, DURACLEAN technology comparison test device and unveiled over 15+ new products ranging from our Regular line, Care line and Decor line toilet seat. We have never stopped exploring and innovating. Providing customers with more reliable support and continuing to enrich the product line to provide customers with more choices. Beewill, Be Innovative; Be Supportive! With high-end product exhibitions and exciting new products launched , it has become a highlight of ours, attracted industry attention and even CCTV media reports. Specially prepared exhibition surprise,curious and amazed. This KBC2019 exhibition brings not only product innovation and customer support, but also a kind of beewill spirit, our team are Integrity, hardworking and happy. Let customers feel the wonderful changes brought by products and services. This KBC2019 exhibition is like a gorgeous product show. Beewill offered the guests the most satisfactory and sincere toileting solutions. Beewill's Kitchen & Bath China 2019 trip has already come to an end, but Beewill's new product era has just begun. We have done our best, but we know it is still not perfect. Let's work smart and achieve more next KBC show.

  • Dragon Boat Festival 2019 Holiday Notice

    Dragon Boat Festival 2019 Holiday Notice

    Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is a traditional and important celebration in China. Dragon Boat Festival 2019 falls on June 7, 2019. Our office will have 3 days of holiday from Friday (June 7) to Sunday (June 9), and we will be back at work on Monday , June 10.

  • Come to visit us at KBC2019 for new toilet seat product

    Come to visit us at KBC2019 for new toilet seat product

    KBC 2019 Kitchen & Bath China is the largest and most important international trade show for kitchen, bathroom, sanitary ware in Asia. 27th-30th MAY 2019 come to visit us at KBC2019 in Shanghai.  Welcome to visit us at Booth 3E106, we will show you the new products and innovations.

  • It Did What? 4 secrets About 2019 Hottest Color Trends

    It Did What? 4 secrets About 2019 Hottest Color Trends

    Since 2000, Pantone has chosen an annual color in December every year.  The color is representing the Global Zeitgeist of the year and conveying consumer expectations and attitudes. Their selection has been recognized by the public, and has been widely applied to the home, graphic design and other fields. The annual color set the tone for the next year's design trend. Living Coral is the 2019 Pantón color of the year. The Living Coral color is between orange and coral A coral tone with a gold background Vivacious and graceful, elegant and comfortable When asked why they chose this color, "Just as a coral reef is a sanctuary for marine life, a vibrant, rich, living coral color embraces us with its softness and warmth, " Pantone explains. Like coral reefs, they provide comfort in an impetuous, it provide comfort in our impetuous, fast-paced moment." This is Their expectation in coming year. And that's what most of us have in mind: Respect for nature. This is a vibrant color that symbolizes our natural pursuit of optimism and pleasure, and invigorates modern life. In the interior design, the coral color and other colors will form a strong contrast. How will the bold use of Living Coral in our homes and even our bathrooms change our lives? After seeing so many Living coral color designs, do you like the 2019 home color? Which design appeals to you more? The beginning of a Year of 2019, Every major paint manufacturer and color forecaster Has also launched its own analysis of the color of the year Let's have a look about it: Classic Greens: Retro style, dark green Always give people a low-key and calm feeling Cavern Clay: Simple and free-spirited Bohemian Clam Grays: Cool and stylish gray Mid-tone Blues: The tolerance of blue to other colors is as broad as the sky or the sea.

  • Exhibition Review Of The 124th Canton Fair

    Exhibition Review Of The 124th Canton Fair

    As the most historical, the largest, and the most representative trade fair in China. The Canton Fair has always been the window, epitome and logo of China's opening to the outside world. Through the Canton Fair, we will understand the overall Chinese export situation and trends in various industries. The 124th Canton Fair of Guangzhou came as scheduled. This year, due to the escalating trade war between China and the United States, some people are worried that this session will be less visitor flowrate. However, according to the official disclosure, from the data of registered purchasers, it is not decreasing. Despite of the drizzle, it is still unable to stop people's enthusiasm. The atmosphere in Canton Fair is bustling. Beewill stand was located at L14, Hall 10.1, Area B, Pazhou Complex. The professional Beewill sales team and products attracted many merchants and became the focus of customers' attention. Especially, the new slim line and latest technology of matt finish toilet seat. In the future, Beewill team will continue to optimize and upgrade the toilet seat design for the market demand. We believe in Design + Details make perfect products. Every design detail allows consumers to truly appreciate the warmth of design, and feel the quality and comfort of our product. To promote modern bathroom concept, and improve quality of life, is the mission of all Beewill people. We will focus on more emerging markets and gradually move towards a broader global market. related products:Slim Soft Close Toilet Seat,Raised Toilet Seat, Duroplast Toilet Seat, Soft Close Toilet Seat

  • The 124th Canton Fair Invitation

    The 124th Canton Fair Invitation

    The 124th Canton Fair will take place on 15th October 2018 in Guangzhou. We look forward to seeing you in October! Welcome to visit our booth for our latest duroplast toilet seat. We believe that you will find our new products more competitive in the design, quality and price. They should get a very good reception in your market and help you grow your business. Our booth details are as follows: Booth No:L14   Hall: 10.1 Date: Oct. 15- Oct. 19, 2018 Please kindly confirm an appointment for a better communication. We sincerely hope you will be with us! Let's make more Successful products together!

  • 2018 Beewill Sanitary Company Update

    2018 Beewill Sanitary Company Update

    Today I would like to share some recent updates of our company with you: - Automation : In 2017, we successfully launched automation in our key production procedures. In 2018, We aim to realize full Automation, including: C ompression M oulding, Polishing, Damper Assembly. - Factory updates : Doubled plant area, production plant now totally covers an area of 12,000㎡. Capacity increase to 160,000 seats/month. Presses: Increase to 48 presses while 8 of them are Auto Presses. - New Product range: Introduce PP toilet seat into product range with fully Auto injection machines, and target to reach capacity of 50,000 pcs step by step. Should you have any plan to visit China this year, we warmly welcome you to pay a visit to our plant.

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