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We dedicated to serving OEM and aim to develop the professional and innovative toilet seats as reliable partner behind.

R&D team: Research, Engineering and Styling

(1) 35 days- from initial idea to drawings and prototypes to finished product

(2) Growing constantly and productive on new product,

with latest techniques

(3) Develop new models by customer's specific requirements and offer free development cost

Our own toilet seat tooling factory

(1) With 19 years experience in all kinds of moulds

(2) Enable good timing for prototyping, smooth production

Competitive prices

High technology on unique manufacturing process enable to save the cost

Implemented ISO9001 management system

(1) Complete Lab facilities: Implemented 100% surface inspection and soft close function testing

(2) Our Internal Standards includes all principles of the DIN19516 can match the most strict European standards of the international level

(3) Efficient and professional technical support service

Efficient and professional technical support service

(1) High delivery reliability

(2) Experienced in rush orders

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